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Get the WINS Now!

Procrastination is a normal human condition ... and I love that many sales people suffer from it. Of course I especially love it when they work for my competition, I'm not so keen when my own sales team succumb!

Every day we hear about the coming "recession" ... or coming "depression" ... or coming "downturn" or ... coming "apocalypse"! I have no doubt that if our media say it often enough then there will be an impact or maybe we should stop reading their BS!

So ... IF there is an impact on your business it means that you will need to work harder and smarter than your competitor to get the bits of business that are coming out. It ALSO means that you should be out pounding on doors, talking up your clients NOW to get as much business as you can before budgets are cut and the flow gets cuts off.

In the sales world procrastination is for losers! Action is for winners ... that means get your WINS now. Even if the promised "end of the world as we know it" (or whatever disaster they are predicting today) doesn't happen, you will be well positioned for tomorrow!