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Good Causes

Anyone who reads this blog regularly, or who knows me, will know that I am a big fan of supporting charities.

Eagle's charity of choice these days in the United Way ... which allows us to ensure that we can channel dollars to where they are needed most, and where our staff have an interest. In addition to our corporate donation, Eagle employees participate in a payroll deduction plan, with 90% participation, and we continually push for 100% participation!

Personally I am involved with a number of different charities, supporting them both financially and with my time.

Every now and then I get a chance to mix "business" and pleasure at one of the many fund raising events in Ottawa, and last night I had fun supporting the Habitat for Humanity, Steel Toes and Stilettos (I wore neither) annual fund raiser event. It was black tie with a fashion show featuring a number of high profile local women, plus a few of their husbands who got in on the act, including Mayor Larry O'Brien. There was also a silent auction and Janis and I managed to buy a new painting, a bargain at $350 when valued at $700. In addition we picked up a framed, signed Ottawa Senator's hockey jersey in the live auction. That's what too much wine will do for you at a charity auction! We went with friends, networked with a number of other Ottawa business people and generally had a good time ... although I'm moving a little slow today!

Why mention this? The biggest thing that I notice about these kinds of events is how often it is the same people supporting the charities, time and again. Ottawa is filled with successful people who can afford a night out to support great charities like Habitat for Humanity but they don't come out. Yes the financial markets are down but supporting the needy is just what you are supposed to do!

I guess I need to buy that book the Five Secrets You Need to Discover Before You Die. for all the people in Ottawa who don't support these events. Secret #5 was to give more than you get! Interestingly enough if you were to read the last book I reviewed Rich Dad Poor Dad, then you would see one of the guiding principles the author espoused was that if you really want to succeed then you need to give!

This is a free tip ... and it might just be one of the best tips you ever got.
Get into the habit of GIVING, your time AND money.
The more you give the better off you will be. Call it Karma, call it anything you like .. it works! Oh by the way, you can have lots of fun with me at these charity events!!!