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If at First You Don't Succeed ... Try Again!

That is an old and tried saying, based upon tested experience! Just because you fail at something once, does not mean you will fail next time. In fact more often the failure means that you are better prepared the next time thus INCREASING your likelihood of success.

I wrote a blog entry some time ago focused on one person who epitomizes the success associated with persistence.

The following is a regular Coaching Update from Michael Paquin, whom I reference quite often in this blog.

If You Don't Win the First Time,

Try a Second, Third and Fourth.

Coaching :

• Don't give up just because you don't win the first time, second or even tenth time.
• Giving up guarantees you will not win.
• When you don't achieve the goal don't be discouraged, be encouraged that you now have one more try under your belt.
• With the additional information you learn from each try you are better prepared for the next try.

Coaching Question

Are you ready to try again?

Daily Action:

Today, try it again.
Don't give up on your dreams and goals just because you didn't achieve the goal the last time you tried. That was then.
This is now. Now is the time to go for what you want, apply what you have learned from the past, and believe in yourself
You can do it if you are willing to keep on trying.