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The Little Things in Life!!!!

I wrote a blog entry the other day suggesting that NOW is a Great Time to Count Your Blessings! We have doom and gloom messages coming every day from the financial markets, the price of oil bouncing around and now multiple levels of governments telling us the reduced oil revenues will mean less tax dollars and so they will need to tighten their belts!

I could go on about layoffs and the fact that reduced interest rates are not being passed on by the banks ... and blah blah blah.


Tomorrow the sun will rise and we will eat three good meals and our family is healthy, and we live in the greatest country on earth. There are a ton of things to be thankful for and that is what I wrote about the other day.

It is ALSO possible to get a lift out of the little things in life ...

- the very young boy scout collecting money for his troop with a huge grin!
- the puppy sitting expectantly outside the grocery store focused on the moment when his mistress is going to walk out the door;
- the look on your child's face when you announce a treat;
- your reception in the office when you bring in some home baked cookies;
- that good feeling when your boss or a co-worker tells you what a great job you did;
- the satisfaction of finishing an exam and knowing you did OK.

There are a million things every day that we can just "accept", or we can "quietly celebrate". Things that we can let bring a little ray of sunshine into our hearts or we can just brush off ... that choice is all inside of us.

One of the "little things" that I have been enjoying lately is a new ring tone to the tune of "I feel good!" by James Brown. I have it set to go off whenever my PDA reminds me I have a meeting coming up ... and it never ceases to bring a smile to my face and more often than not, I do a little dance! OK, I guess that isn't very CEO-like ... but I ENJOY my life and I DO FEEL GOOD!!!

Walk Fast and Smile (LOTS)!!!