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Thoughts on Achieving Success in Your Life

Yesterday I posted the 600th blog entry in this blog! After a couple of years of writing blog entries I have touched on a lot of subjects, and sometimes the same subject several times. I am however often asked the same kind of questions … how did you become successful? How do you balance work and home life? How can I start a business? How did you know what you wanted to do?

Obviously if you were to ask that question of 10 business owners you would get 10 different responses, but there would be common threads throughout them. I decided to search through all of my blog entries for those that I feel collectively answer those questions.

The reality is that some people have almost always known what they wanted to do, some have a plan long before they hit adulthood. Others, and I include myself here, have no clue what we want to be when we grow up and some of us take a lot of years to find it. Some people never find it!

So what can you do?

You can develop your character … you can develop habits that make you a better person. These traits will help you in whatever career you choose. I have a whole bunch of blog entries on this subject … here are a few:

Walk Fast and Smile… my philosophy around one of my favorite sayings!

Passion… people with a passion are interesting, and developing a passion for what you do will lead to success! It means caring, it means getting engaged, it means commitment!

Learn… soak up knowledge, and invest in yourself. Sometimes you even need to re-learn important lessons that you might have forgotten.

Be a POSITIVE PERSON… it is an attitude, a way of looking at life that is very powerful and can be learned! You only need to CHOOSE to be a glass half full person!

As adults we need to accept the fact that WE are Responsible for OURSELVES. Nobody else is responsible for you … not the government, your company, your school or even your parents!

Whatever path we choose it is important that we live our lives without regret! We will make decisions that we might not have made, but generally we need to be happy with where we are … there is only one go at this!

Give something back… to your community, your industry, to those that need a little help.

Some people will have heard me talk about the KEYS to Success… Knowledge, Energy, Attitude and Street smarts. This is a thumbnail look at how to be successful in your career.

Finally I will once again reference John Izzo’s book …The Five Secrets You Must Learn Before You Die! Based on input from people who have lived very full lives, it is an easy read, with easy concepts and makes a lot of sense!

At the end of the day only YOU know if you have achieved the success you desired. If you are truly happy with your life, then what is more important? If you are not … then you need to do something about it.