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Email Mania

We can't live without it ... but it is drowning us! Email has become an incredible burden on almost anyone in the work force today. Having said that there are many ways to manage email.

I wrote a blog entry some time ago with some tips for email. Nothing earth shattering but maybe an idea or two there for you.

What sparked this little blog entry though, was an article I saw today about a 12 Step program to help people who are addicted to email! We really do live in a crazy world!

I also read an article recently with some good news about a reduction in worldwide spam caused by the shut down of one California based company ... they were apparently responsible for 75% of the world's spam!

So ... maybe email will get easier with less spam, maybe a few tips will help you get more efficient ... or maybe you will be "cured" with the 12 step program. look at the value available from this little blog!