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GOALS Heading into a Down Economy

If you are to believe the "doom and gloom" economists representing Canada's largest banks we are heading into a bleak time ... with the markets probably several months from "bottoming out", unemployment expected to increase significantly and a recovery likely to take years!

This is the word from "the experts".

Hmmm ... as I recall it was the experts in the financial institutions that got us here!

I DON"T recall any warnings from that sector that this was going to happen.

I have come to the conclusion that they might as well be predicting the weather!!!

Here is what I think ....

1. Its bad and it could get worse.
2. People need to get stuff done.
3. Companies still need to "do what they do" ... EVEN the financial institutions.

  • We ALL need a plan for the next little while. Set some goals, work towards those goals and review them regularly to make sure you stay on track.

  • We can't do the same things we always did ... we need to work a little harder, plan a little smarter and execute on our plans!

  • We MUST keep our heads up and pay little attention to the "financial weather forecasters".

  • Stay POSITIVE, stay close to your clients and provide GREAT customer service.

Your Goals don't need to be fancy ... but setting them will keep you motivated.

If you are in sales your goals might look like this ...

1. Meet ALL of my KEY client contact at least weekly ( daily/monthly whatever ... to suit your industry).
2. Call 10 (again it might be 100 in some industries) new people each week ... these should be warm calls, referrals, network contacts etc.
3. Spend 10% more time with clients than normal.
4. Complete all internal paperwork during non-productive selling hours.
5. Start every day with your "To Do" list clearly set and prioritized.

At the end of each week measure how you did against your goals and set some new goals for the next week ... stretch yourself!

Staying motivated when the world is delivering "doom and gloom" messages and you are receiving more rejections than normal is tough ... but working through it and keeping a positive attitude will help you to be successful and differentiate you from your competition.