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Restoring Confidence in the Economy

Over the last couple of months we have seen the stock markets hammered ... caused by a ripple effect of incredible greed in the financial sector. As if the greed of the bankers was not bad enough we have had the media hyping up the situation for long enough that not only has confidence in the stock markets been eroded, but confidence in our whole economic system has been destroyed.

Our systems work on the basis of confidence ... the stock markets need investor confidence and the economy needs consumer confidence. When people stop doing what they normally do, then we have a problem.

Guess what ... the Earth did not stop turning. Last time I looked our way of life has not changed much ... we drive our cars, buy our groceries, go to work, consume all of the things we have always consumed. Companies are still making things and employing people to do that ... which feeds our economy.

Part of the problem is our ability to get instant news ... through the internet, through our email, through television ... and every time some "expert" brings bad news every media outlet in the World jumps on it and "the system" takes another hit.

Yes ... there are definitely problems. There are plenty of things to fix.

However if we could ignore the naysayers and keep the "fear" out of our economy then we would keep doing what we always did and we would be just fine.

So just how will we restore confidence:

1. We need LEADERSHIP from our governments ... and we need them to be visible! Has anyone heard from them lately?
2. We need stimulus (read money) in our economy to keep things going ... they need to be loosening the coffers, NOT shutting them off.
3. We need thoughtful and meaningful spending and investment by governments.
4. We need money invested into the infrastructure for the future.
5. We need investment in our high growth, knowledge based economies.
6. We need investment in our healthcare system.
7. We need policies and action that will stimulate our economy and restore some trust.
8. We need to live our lives the same way tomorrow that we led them yesterday ... without fear!

and to make sure this does not happen again:

8. We need some high profile people sent to jail for a VERY long time.

Where are you Harper? Where are you McGuinty, Stelmach, Charestetal?

Earn your positions, be true leaders and restore confidence in this economy!