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Stop Whining and Join the FUN Team!

I saw an article about an Ipsos Reid poll that suggests that half of Canada’s workforce are “dragged down” by office negativity! Wow!

The article, in itBusiness magazine went on to talk to “experts” or “consultants” about the issue. Of course being a technology focused magazine there was a suggestion that technology could provide the answer. Hey I’m a techy too, but there are some occasions where technology is not the answer. There was “consultant speak” about the new generations and the need to give them positive reinforcement and career opportunities and TLC.

At the risk of appearing insensitive I am going to suggest that people need to look inside themselves first!

I have written lots of blog entries about attitude, I have written about taking personal responsibility and I am a firm believer that we are ALL the architects of our own destiny.

– We choose to work there.
– We choose to be happy or unhappy … YES, I mean it. Nobody else can make us miserable it is our reaction to others that causes unhappiness.
– We choose to accept or not to accept situations.

We all have choices to make … here are some ideas about what we could choose to do:

1. Decide that your situation is probably no worse than any other place.
2. Adopt an attitude of recognizing all of the good things about your situation.
3. Smile and treat the people around you nicely.
4. Only say positive things … do NOT complain and do not run people down.
5. Find tangible ways to improve your situation, make positive suggestions for improvement, but don’t expect major change over night.

IF … after some time in your “new environment” and after giving it a fair shot you are not happy then do something about it … do NOT be a martyr.

The world is FULL of whiners … choose to join the other team. We have MUCH more fun.