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What a Week ... Busy, Busy, Busy!

It is Friday evening after 5pm and I am sitting at my desk wondering how I will get through the mountain of work still "to do". This, coming from the guy who blogs about time management!

When things get to this stage I need to step back and get organized, but sometimes when you are running a company or managing a team you have to wait until all of the other commitments are done before you can find time to organize. That is why I like my Sunday morning work routine. I have done that for many years now and it really helps me to get those "projects" done or to get organised or to catch up on my reading, clear out my email etc.

Sometimes when I feel a little overwhelmed I try to visualize what it must be like to be one of those super high profile leaders.

Can you imagine what it must be like to be Warren Buffet? That guy is 78 years old and he must buy and sell companies that make mine look like "rounding error"! I think he is kinda busy!

What about Bill Gates, that guy's life must be crazy. Born the same year as me but look what he has achieved and continues to achieve. it doesn't matter what you think of Microsoft but here is a BUSY guy!

Of course when I talk about this being a crazy week for me I have to give a thought to Barack Obama. Now there is a guy who is BUSY, and he has REALLY had a week! 65 million Americans voted for him, the most of any US President ever, and he has been on the campaign trail for two years.

I guess I have to stop whining about being busy now!

See how that works? Find someone else who makes your situation look like nothing and you feel better already! We human beings are funny creatures, but we are predictable.

Have a GREAT weekend ... walk fast and SMILE!