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What to Do in a Recession

I recently wrote a blog entry and referenced John Izzo talking about how business leaders need to operate in a downturn.

But what if you are not management? What can you do in the face of an economic downturn?

Business owners and senior managers are currently being told by "the experts" to batten down the hatches because there is a storm coming. They are being told that companies need to be in good shape to weather this storm and that means trim excess fat, focus on the core business, reduce debt, preserve cash flow and operate as efficiently as possible.

If you are an employee then what should you do and what should you NOT do?

  1. Bring as much value as possible to your organization.

  2. Do NOT be a problem ... management has plenty of headaches, if you are a problem you will get on the wrong radar screen.

  3. Do NOT hide! You need to be visibly doing your job, it is very hard to fly "below the radar" when management is focused on operating lean.

  4. Put in a bit extra effort. Work a little longer, take on a little more workload, be prepared to roll-up your sleeves and do what it takes.

  5. Be proactive ... look for ways to add value.

  6. If you are in sales ... meet more people than you have done in the past, keep the information flowing, generate opportunities .. they will still exist, even when things are slow. Be VERY focused on winning business!

  7. Keep a positive attitude ... nobody like a "negative" attitude and now more than ever it is important to keep positive.

  8. Don't worry about recession, don't talk about recession, don't use recession as an excuse ... just knuckle down and work harder than ever before!

Bottom line ... come to work every day prepared to put in 100% effort! If everybody operates at peak efficiency then a company will outperform its rivals and will manage just fine through any storm. Don't be afraid of what might happen, focus on ensuring your company beats out the competition!