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Canadian Politics ... a Farce?

It was a strange day in Canada yesterday ... our political system was turned upside down by a bunch of political hacks who are more intent on furthering their own careers than dealing with Canada's economic woes. Perhaps no-one on Parliament Hill has noticed that the economy is in tatters!

Our manufacturing base has been eroded over the past several years through global competition and a high Canadian dollar; the auto industry, a huge employer in Ontario is on the ropes with the prospect of mass layoffs and plant closures if not bankruptcy; the markets continue their trend of setting new lows; the price of oil is causing the oil & gas companies to cut spending ... not to mention the recession induced by a lack of consumer spending and the huge impact on our largest trading partner.

So ... what do our politicians do about it? First we had basically NOTHING ... then a commitment to spend some money based on the G20 conference, then we had some announcements of cuts that got the politicians all worked up because they might be affected. If you are in business in this country then up until yesterday you were probably wondering when the Federal Government would get off its collective butt! We got our answer! Our duly elected minority government is either going to get the boot, or indulge in political games to remain in power. Our politicians of all stripes are playing political games instead of looking after Canadian's interests!

The people of Canada voted in Harper and the Conservatives in October, I don't understand how the defeated parties can overturn the wishes of the public! Even more to the point I don't know why they think that is acceptable at a time when every party and every politician should be forgetting about partisan politics and helping our businesses through the current economic turmoil.

So, while Canada "burns" ALL of our politicians will fiddle ... nice!

As a footnote ... a Canadian business icon passed away yesterday. Whether you loved him or hated him (and there are plenty of the latter), Ted Rogers was not a guy you could ignore! He built an empire and truly "LIVED" his life. I might not aspire to be Ted Rogers, nor to lead my life the way he did but it would be amazing to be able to have a fraction of the achievements he had. I'm betting he had few regrets as he "moved on", given the successes and impact he had during his life.

I think Ted Rogers lived his life to the max ... I have to admire that!

RIP Ted Rogers ... 1933-2008.