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Don't Worry Be Happy!

I have written a number of blog entries lately about how to succeed through a downturn, what employees need to be doing to keep themselves relevant in a recession etc. There has definitely been a trend of doom and gloom when I go back and look at some of these entries.

So … I consider myself to be a very positive person and there are a few things we must all remember.

1. Keep in mind was is really important in life … our families, our health, our friends and our happiness.
2. ALL tough times come to an end … this too will pass.
3. ALL you can do is your best … if you are giving your best shot at work then go home with an easy mind and forget about it!
4. Everyone around you is feeling the stress too … so do what you can for others. If everybody tried a little harder to lift the spirits of everyone around them then we would all be a little happier.

So …

DO your best at work.
Be extra nice to your family.
Be extra nice to yourself.
Remember that the economy will recover and everything will be just fine.
As the song says …Don’t Worry, Be Happy!