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Give Till it Hurts!

The economy is down, the idiot politicians in Canada are doing everything in their power to get in the way of a recovery and companies are "hunkering down" to handle the mess. Many companies AND individuals are taking a hard look at their discretionary spending and wondering what they should cut out.

Of course the right answer would be for us all to collectively spend our way out of this, but that will take renewed confidence ... and did I mention what a great job our politicians are doing with that?

One area that we all need to take a hard look at, is our charitable giving. If the average citizen and average company in Canada is being adversely affected by the downturn you can only imagine the affect on the needy. Now is when they need our help most ... right now we all need to dig a little deeper and give just a little more.

A little while ago I wrote a review of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad and one of the authors guiding principles was to give generously, that his experience (and mine) is that the more you give the more the world will repay you for your generosity!

Some time before that I wrote a review of the book The Five secrets You Must Discover Before You Die! John Izzo suggests that the fifth secret is to give more than you get ... and he has found the same truth. The more generous that you are, the better off you will be ... in all aspects of your life, not just money!

In August I wrote a blog entry called Give Back ... It Will Make You a Better Person. My point in that was that many of us (individuals and companies) have the ability to support charities, and that for the value we get from this society of ours we should accept the responsibility of supporting those in need.

So go ahead ... dig deep and Give Till It Hurts! You will feel better AND you will get your rewards!