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Holiday Traditions and Thanks

I am sitting at the kitchen table having just finished our family Christmas breakfast ... bacon, eggs, potatoes and mimosa (champagne and orange juice). In many ways our Christmas breakfast is a tradition that we enjoy even more than the big dinner we will have later today.

The "laid back", low stress meal is something we have done for a few years now. We open our gifts first, sit around in our pajamas and then all chip in to make breakfast. It is a fun time, we take a few pictures (not too many, because of "bed-head") we laugh a lot and enjoy the giving and receiving amongst ourselves.

Later in the day, when we are all cleaned up and dressed we spend a few hours preparing for the big dinner. Typically we have a few more people for that meal which is enjoyable in a different way, sharing the Christmas spirit with other family members and friends.

The holiday season, whatever your religious belief, is a time to spend with family and friends. It is a time to reflect a little about the good things in life and to be thankful what we have. I paid a visit to Tom Peter's website this morning and his blog posting lists many of the people that he sends his thanks to. It makes for interesting reading. I would be nervous about listing everyone I wanted to thank, there are so many people to thank that I would hate to miss someone.

So ... I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, and gets to enjoy their own traditions, enjoy!