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Internet Shopping ... Two Years Later its ALL Good!

This time of year, two years ago I wrote a blog entry that was less than complimentary about my experience using internet shopping. The entry called Internet Shopping ... Will it let you down? slammed Virgin Wines who had failed to deliver my holiday order on time, in fact it wasn't even delivered in time for New Year celebrations. That was 2006 and I had personally sworn off using this service again ... but fast forward two years and it is a different story!

Approaching the holiday season in 2008 I am still a fan of Richard Branson AND I am a "born again" believer in Virgin Wines! They DO have their act together, their website is very easy to use, their instructions and expectation setting are very clear ... and in the latest case they exceeded my expectations. If a retailer can exceed your expectations then they are definitely doing a good job!

I think that they are a great example of the power of internet shopping, which always held such great promise but in the early incarnations had some hiccups. I use a number of sites regularly these days to order items particularly as gifts to family in the UK, including Amazon's UK website and even the Marks and Spencer website in the UK. It seems that they are all pretty efficient and easy to use.

So ... it is still important to be careful about protecting your personal information, but I have become a big believer in internet shopping and Virgin wines just sealed the deal when they delivered ahead of time, at the busiest time of the year!