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Keep on the Gas!

Just a couple of weeks away from the holidays and for many of us our attention has shifted a little. There is a little more partying, a little more attention to those personal errands ... picking up presents, catching up with friends etc.

The media continues to tell us that the economy is "tanking", the Bank of Canada today announced that Canada is entering recession and there are plenty of companies "talking up" the possible impacts on business. Unemployment will rise significantly, many companies will go bankrupt ... even some fairly healthy companies. The retail industry is reeling, automakers on the brink of disaster, oil and gas companies cutting back as the price of oil drops, the financial sector still trying to get out from under their earlier bad decisions.

So ... are YOU really looking at your situation? Will your company be safe? Will your job be there?

Perhaps even more importantly, are you doing everything you can to help your company to make it through this tough time? If not, then are you ready for the impact?

My message to YOU today is that, if you believe what the "experts" are saying then you need to be doing anything you can to ensure you are OK. That means working a little harder, maybe working a little longer, be a little more "focused" when you are at work. Be the most productive that you can.

If you don't believe the "experts" then are you willing to take a chance that the are wrong?

It is hard this time of year to "keep the pedal to the metal" but my advice is that is exactly what you need to be doing. We don't really know that the new year will bring but "easing off" now could spell disaster if the bottom really does fall out of the economy in January! Just think of it as "insurance"!