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Ottawa Transpo Strike!

Today Ottawa's bus drivers decided to go on strike!

  • A couple of weeks before Christmas.

  • The same day as a major snow storm.

  • They were offered a 7% pay raise over 3 years plus a $2,000 signing bonus.

The people of Ottawa are left to figure out how to get to work, to school, to their doctor's appointments, to pick up their kids ... the daily stuff of life.

We are exhorted to give up our cars and take public transit because it is good for the environment ... and then the OCTranspo Union pull the rug out. Why are people going to buy into public transit as an answer to environmental concerns when it can be taken away at the whim of the unions.

There are literally thousands of jobs being lost across Ontario because of a WORLD-WIDE ECONOMIC CRISIS. Not to mention the jobs lost all over the world. How can this union think this is a reasonable action?

There are many people who would give their right arm for a well paid job, with good benefits, driving a bus. How can these bus drivers think this is a good thing?

This is a union that needs to be taught the facts of life ... but clearly they don't care!