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Party Time - Again!

This time of year our company has three holiday parties ... one in each of our three regions. Janis and I typically try to get to at least two of the three parties.

This year we made it to the Central Region party in Toronto last Friday night, which was a great time with everyone having lots of fun. I was not a good role model for decorum and proper behaviour, but I had a blast and haven't had any complaints ... yet!

Tonight we will be at the Eastern region party in Ottawa and I have no doubt we will have fun ... that is a part of our work hard and play hard company culture.

Certainly this year everyone has been working particularly hard, in anticipation of a slow start in 2009. Blowing off steam is not only part of our culture and a fun thing to do, but in times like this I think it is a necessary reward for the extra effort everyone is putting in!

I expect tomorrow will start slowly!