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That "Feel Good" Experience!

This time of year the Western World is dominated by preparation for "the holidays". We spend too much money, devote a ton of time, eat too much, drink too much and generally celebrate till we drop!

It is a time of year that many, many people love. A time to be anticipated and then savored!

It is also a tough time of year for others ... it could be those who have lost people close to them, those who can't afford to party, those who have no friends or relatives or those who just need a hand!

For those of us who "have" the means, who go "all out" to satisfy our need for a fun filled holiday I suggest it is also a great time of year to remember the "have nots"! It is a great time of year to give something back. It is a great time of year to get your family involved in giving back. It is a great time of year to start some new holiday season "giving" traditions.

For a family to volunteer time at a shelter, a food bank, a retirement home, a hospital or any number of worthy causes can be a great experience. It does feel good to give, it is also a great way to teach kids and young adults that this time of year is not just about receiving.

Getting involved in company fund raising activities, collecting food for the needy, toys drives and snowsuit funds are all ways to give you that "feel good" experience.

One of my friends has worked with her daughters over the past few years to the point where those girls ask that their birthday presents come in the form of gifts to a charity! What a great way for kids to grow up! They don't miss out on anything, their lives are very comfortable and the recognize that they are lucky ... and they want to help others! Very cool.

Maybe you should give yourself that as a present this year! Give yourself that "feel good" experience by doing something for those who really need a helping hand!