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2009 - Make it Work for You

This is a good time of year to reflect upon what you want from 2009 ... and last year I wrote a blog entry to help with that process, all aound setting and achieving your goals. It is basically a review of a number of my blog entries on this subject.

Take a few minutes and read them ... it could be a good investment of your time!

Two years ago I posted a blog entry called Goals 2006 Wrap-up and 2007 Planning. All of the concepts apply this year too!

In January 2007 I asked if you were Ready for 2007, so are you ready for 2009?

Then a week or so later I wrote More About Goals for 2007. Half way through 2007 I did some more nagging about goals ... with no apologies!

Sometimes the message needs to be heard a few times before it will have an affect ... the bottom line is that if you want to improve ANYTHING in your life, the best way to do that is to set goals.

Understand exactly what it is that you want ... not as easy as it sounds ... and create an action plan to get there. It is amazing how often you can succeed this way! (It is important to note that success can come by applying these principles to ANY part of your life ... not just work!)

Walk Fast and Smile!