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A Historic Occasion

Tomorrow Barack Obama will become the first black American President, a celebration for African Americans, for diversity advocates and for 21st Century societies in general.

There are plenty of examples of things that are not going so well these days ... the economy, the fighting in Afghanistan Iraq and Gaza, the bus strike in Ottawa, the corporate greed of some CEOs, the greed and small minded attitude of some unions ... people are ready for some good news!

I am excited, and yet apprehensive, about this event. The expectations of this man are enormous ... and yet he has achieved so much just to get to this position. How can any one man be the savior of a world beset by so many problems? I fear that our high expectations for Barack will mean he has no chance of success ... and I hope I am wrong!

Fear and anxiety apart, tomorrow marks a new day for this world of ours. A historic and joyous occasion that we will tell our grandchildren about. That it will be held one day after Martin Luther King day in the US is a nice touch, and maybe Barack will be allowed to reach is dream ... maybe he already has!

Whatever this man achieves from here he has give us a historic day to remember and he has already achieved much ... I wish him every success and applaud his accomplishments to date.

I will try very hard not to be skeptical when things go wrong, as they surely will, and I will try to remember to give this man all of my support ... because just maybe this man has a chance of achieving even greater things, and that would be good for us all!

Good luck Obama, the world wants you to succeed.