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A Rant!

Yesterday I blogged about dead wood ... Wikipedia characterizes this as referring to "non-contributing members, usually of longer standing", which is pretty good in my book.

Today the union representing the "dead wood" that comprises the OCTranspo in Ottawa reached the milestone of 50 days on strike.

Yesterday I read that more than 70,000 jobs were lost around the world just in January.

Yesterday the Canadian Federal Government unveiled a package of spending designed to stimulate our economy in the face of such world-wide turmoil.

The Teachers Assistants at York University have just about killed the academic year for many students with their strike action.

What is wrong with this picture?

Why does our society provide protection to these ungrateful people?

Every morning I pass a bunch of picketers blocking traffic into Ottawa city hall. A cadre of policemen have to direct traffic and presumably protect these morons from people who just might be inclined to vent their frustration on them.

The world is mad!

It would be SO sweet to fire them all and replace them with people that want a job!

Not sure if you noticed ... but I am a little worked up about unions these days!