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Book Review - 1 Piece of Advice

1 Piece of Advice ... Patricia Moser-Stern and Barbara Moser

Patricia Moser is a former client of mine who has become a friend. These days she operates her own consultant practice with a specialization in procurement and supply chain. As if that doesn't keep her busy enough she had a "side project" over the last couple of years to write, in a cooperative effort, the book 1 Piece of Advice.

The front cover tells you that the content has exceptional women from around the globe inspiring you to unlock your potential. The premise, like most good ideas, is simple ... the authors contacted some of the most successful women from around the world and asked them to give one piece of advice to women who want to pursue their dreams.

The book has women from all walks of life ... among them a Rabbi, an Anglican Bishop, an astronaut, women business leaders and military leaders, a First Nations Chief an environmentalist, a judge and many more.

Each of them gives their piece of advice ... and you get to learn a little about them.

The 1 Piece of Advice website allows you to give your piece of advice, and never being short of a word I gave my 2 cents!

In reading through the advice I was really struck by the fact that very little of the advice is gender specific, in fact the advice given applies equally to men ... and therefore the content is very relevant to anyone who wants to pursue their dreams. The big difference for women is the knowledge that ALL of these women have been able to do great things in their lives ... so anything is possible.

This is a shameless plug for a friend's book ... but I wouldn't do it if it wasn't a good book, AND the authors are Canadian, so support your local business and buy a copy!