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Create AND Protect Your Image!

If you are reading this blog entry then likely you are internet savvy enough to be aware of the social networking phenomena of the past few years. I am personally on LinkedIn and Facebook, but only an occasional user ... not one of the people that "lives their life" online. There have been many stories of how Facebook antics or ill conceived YouTube appearances have been the undoing of people. Whether it is HR professionals finding information about job applicants, the media uncovering information about political candidates or future executive being derailed for previous indiscretions it pays to THINK before you do something that you will regret later.

These days one of the descriptions given to this type of image consciousness is personal branding. Like corporate branding you want to develop a consistent message or series of messages that people "get" when they think about you.

Do you want to be thought of as the "party animal" ... or as a work hard, play hard type of person.

Do you want to be the "geek" ... or the intelligent, thoughtful type.

Or ... if you are still young, perhaps still in school do you want to avoid future problems and worry about ACTIVE personal branding later?

It pays to spend a little bit of time thinking about this now ... because if you don't worry about it now you may well be kicking yourself later!

There is a decent article about Personal Branding on the CPSA website. It is definitely aimed at people who are into their career already, but like I say it doesn't hurt to start the thinking process now!

Tom Peters wrote an article on the subject for Fast Company titled The Brand Called You, which is also worth a read.

Is it time for you to think about YOUR BRAND? I think so!