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The Month of Kevuary!

The financial world is going nuts, economists are imitating the grim reaper and the media is totally depressing! So … I thought it was time for a light hearted blog entry!

Each year, starting January 1st I give up alcohol for four weeks. I have always told people I abstain for a month (the assumption being that four weeks is a month) but invariably there is an event towards the end of January where the lure of a glass of wine means 28 days is good enough!

This year my son decided to challenge my assertion that 28 days is a month!

Of course he is right, four weeks is not really a month although it has been used to approximate a month forever. Unfortunately even Wikipedia seems to support his argument, so the “old guy” lost this one!

Not content with winning the argument he then decided to bring his mother on board and torment me! Hence the introduction to the English (Canadian?) language of the new month of Kevuary!

The definition of Kevuary is:

(i) it must be the 13th month … because if a month is 4 weeks, then there are 13 months in a 52 week year.
(ii) it is actually a floating month … it can start any time (based on the start of Kevin’s abstinence) but only lasts for 28 contiguous days.

So there we have it, we now have January, February …. December, Kevuary!

It is important to put this discussion into context, because you will note I was not drinking … however, both my son and my wife were enjoying a drink when they decided to pick on me.

It was great when my son was 9 years old and he would believe anything I told him … now that he is 19 years old I still love him to death, but he is not so gullible any more! I guess that is a good thing!