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The Staffing Industry

I have written a number of blog entries about our industry and given that the industry does seem to be misunderstood by many, I thought I would publish them again in one location.

In July of last year I wrote a blog entry called The Greatest Canadian Staffing Challenge. In there I talk about the threat to our industry posed when various levels of government impose adverse legislative changes, without understanding the full impact on our economy. Given our current economic situation this is very relevant!

In December 2006 I blogged about Staffing Industry Leadership, the value our industry brings and the need for leaders in our industry to promote those messages.

In May of 2008 I wrote a blog entry called Statistics and Facts About the Staffing Industry. this entry was designed to debunk some of the myths that I see written by people who do not understand our industry. Another blog entry from November 2007 talked about the Finances of the Staffing Industry ... a candid look at what agencies ACTUALLY make!

In June 2006 I wrote a blog entry called The IT Staffing Agency Value Proposition. Many of the points in that entry apply to ANY type of staffing company, and this blog is designed to educate the reader about the true value clients receive from a staffing agency.

I sit on the board of two industry associations ACSESS which represents the whole staffing industry in Canada, and NACCB (Canada) which is very focused on the IT companies in this space. I devote this energy and time because I believe in this industry and the value it brings to our clients, the people it employs and to the economy in general.

My message to legislators at all levels of government is to take time to understand the value of our industry and to work with us towards solving issues, and perceived issues rather than implementing legislative change that can harm our economy over and above the damage done by others!