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Those Darn Resolutions!

I am a big fan of setting goals, and this time of year a lot of people have “resolutions” for the New Year. You would think that given how often I encourage people to improve themselves that I would be supporting their initiatives!

Well … its complicated!

1. I’m not a patient guy … so when all those people with brand new resolutions clog up the gym equipment I’m beginning to wonder whether I should be supporting this way of thinking!
2. If everyone who started using the equipment this month were to keep it up throughout the year, then gyms would just get more equipment … but history shows that they won’t. By end of January a lot of people will have fallen off and by end of February MOST will be gone.

So …

IF you are going to be one of the very small percentage of people that actually do change your life, and keep up the exercise then congratulations!

IF you are going to be one of the majority to who quit soon … can you hurry up and quit so I can get on the exercise equipment when I want it!

Better yet … prove me wrong and ALL of you keep exercising for the whole year. That I could live with!