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Hug an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes ... they are young and old, very educated or with little formal education, they are male or female, they know they are entrepreneurs at an early age or they find out later! They come from all walks of life, geographies, religions and cultures.

Some entrepreneurs are great business people and some not so much, some are great at the "start-up" but not good at growing a business, some are good when they surround themselves with the right people and some are extremely independent and successful.

There are however some characteristics that are common among entrepreneurs.

They will "do what it takes" to make their product/idea/service into a viable business.
They are resilient ... they will battle through adversity.
They are passionate about their "baby".
They will sacrifice to reach their goal.

There are lots of people with ideas. There are lots of people who get an opportunity. There are also lots of people who find reasons not to proceed with their idea or to chase their opportunity. The relative few who chase their dream will have set backs, will encounter road blocks and "nay-sayers" and will sow seeds of self-doubt ... but they keep "doing it".

The economy is tough out there. There are a lot of entrepreneurs battling all the usual issues in addition to the tough economy. They are finding it tougher to get financing, their clients are cutting budgets and everyone around them is absorbed with their own woes.

Without entrepreneurs creating new companies this country would be in a bad way ... small and medium sized businesses are the biggest employers in Canada, creating the most new jobs and contributing the most to the health of our economy.

Entrepreneurs can sometimes be crusty, might even be hard on people as they battle towards success ... but we need them!

Hug an entrepreneur ... they may be our best bet to get through the current economic mess!