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Nobody needs to be reminded about the state of the economy right now, the media is ramming it down our throats every minute of every day! If you live in Canada its still Winter ... its been long, as always, and it has a ways to go yet (-18C in Ottawa tonight).

So ... for most people life right now is just a little tougher, those responsibilities feel a little heavier and problems a little harder. The last thing any of us need right now is more hassle. YOU certainly don't want it ... and neither do the people you deal with.

THE ANSWER ... let's start a new tradition ... the BE NICE TO EVERYONE WEEK!

Why not? We celebrate all kinds of religious, cultural and interest/hobby occasions, why not an INTERNATIONAL event ... BE NICE TO EVERYONE!

Here are some ideas for you from blog entries I have written in the past ...

1. SMILE ... its CONTAGIOUS. I wrote this blog entry in October 2006 about all the reasons why you should smile, even though you don't actually NEED a reason to smile ... its just a good thing to do!
2. I wrote a blog entry in April last suggesting that you CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY, and in fact it is very possible to do just that!
3. In August 2006 I shamelessly plagiarized TEN TACTICS FOR A SUPERB RELATIONSHIP from Robin Sharma. Remarkably its all about being nice to each other!
4. In August of 2007 I talked about the EMOTIONAL BANK ACCOUNT which I learned from Stephen Covey, and the need to make deposits in all of those accounts ... for this International event you will need joint accounts with everyone!!!
5. Finally, in March 2006 I explained one of my favorite personal sayings WALK FAST and SMILE, which once again focuses on the power of a smile!

Our world will be a better place for at least this week! Help me to celebrate INTERNATIONAL BE NICE TO EVERYONE WEEK ... the first week in MARCH!