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Make a Decision

When we avoid a decision the we are by default making a decision ... it is a decision to let life deal you whatever hand it feels like. Only by taking action do you have a chance of getting what you really want!

You will see this every day, in every aspect of your life. We ALL get to the point where we don't want to make another decision today! You could call that "decision overload" ... we can't decide what we want for dinner, what we want to wear, whether we want to make a coffee or not ... its kind of sad, but its human!

The kind of decisions that you cannot put off are the big ones that will change your life.

A decision to pursue a particular career, or a promotion within your current career may spark a bunch of action items that will help you achieve your goal. For many people the thought of all that work is enough for them to be put off making their decision ... and they may end up in the same role years from now.

A married couple might avoid the little arguments over the course of their marriage. Its easier to ignore the bad habits, or the little things that annoy you ... rather than cause a fuss. The problem comes later, because all of those little "niggles" add up and some day they will not feel so small any more. A decision to address the small things might lead to an action plan that builds a relationship for the long term ... no decision might just mean future problems.

It is really easy to avoid the decision to start a health and wellness program. You might say ... hey I still wear the same pants I wore a couple of years ago, I don't look so bad, I'm only a few pounds up on my "fighting weight" ... all great excuses not to do something. A decision to start a plan can lead to a life long habit which keeps you active, feeling good and perhaps even living longer! Not making that decision means it will ultimately be EVEN harder to build the habit AND you will have more weight to lose, you are more out of shape and you are likely not able to play the sport of your youth ... or worse you just keep getting bigger and more out of shape!

You are the architect of your own destiny ... you have the power to make decisions, or not!

Do you really want to reach the end of your life and wish you had done things?

"Every man dies. Not every man truly lives!" ... Mel Gibson, from the movie Braveheart