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You Can Be Successful in a Downturn!

Every now and then I post comments from Kit Grant ... a speaker, motivator, agitator who I have seen speak a few times. I hired him to speak at one of our company events because he is a very down to earth, to the point, in your face kind of speaker who wants you to take responsibility for yourself.

Just like Kit, I believe that we are responsible for our own destiny. As a business owner nobody else is going to look after the care and feeding of my business ... and nor should they. As an individual I am responsible for my own success, and failures ... nobody, no government and certainly no employer is responsible for that! So ... if you can buy into that philosophy then you are on a journey that will ensure you do whatever is needed to be successful.

Kit is a little critical of the big companies" in his article and I'm probably a little less critical but his point is the same. Where there is disruption, turmoil and unrest there is opportunity. With the current state of the economy many people are losing hope ... Kit's message is that you don't need to be one of "those". Take responsibility for your own success .. make it happen!

Here is Kit's message:

Yikes! It's February already and most of the economic news that permeates the media is still pretty negative. Lay-offs, down-sizing, reduced capacity and profits all being reported by those big lazy companies who thought the "good times" would just continue forever. Maybe you've been on the receiving end of some bad job-related news but that's no reason to just give up. You can be more agile if you choose and if you're running a
small business, you now have many new opportunities caused by the problems being
experienced by the BIG guys. They can't, or won't make quick adjustments but your judging of the economy by their problems is as goofy as making advertising decisions for your enterprise by comparing them to those of Fortune 500 companies. It is urgent that you reorganize your thinking and your business to focus on your customers and
your relationships with them. Hopefully you still want to succeed as much as I want to help you to do that. We all get what we accept from life ... from others and from ourselves.

I just came back from a 3 day gathering of 823 entrepreneurs in Orlando. Just being in a room with that many people who are determined not to follow the "doom and gloom" crowd is energizing. I came back with many ideas which I've already started to implement, some of which I already knew but just had not taken action on them. The
majority of the people in the room are no more gifted, intelligent, not even better-looking than you and yet ... they're doing something differently. New opportunities present themselves every day if you're looking for them and if you're WILLING TO TAKE ACTION. One of my favorite sayings is "Doing is easy ... deciding is difficult". Most of us (well, me anyway) are not short of ideas but it's a decision to not get infected by others' problems. There is never a time, place, nor industry where everyone is losing and nobody is winning. Don't forget that. Governments bailing out big dumb companies (with
YOUR money) that have made stupid decisions may not be the best solution but you can bet they're not coming around to bail out your business, so you can stop waiting for that to happen.

People still need goods and services. Find out how you can help and then provide that. You can take away my material possessions but you can't remove my optimism. How about you? Avoid the majority going downhill emotionally and reduce your discouragement. Contact a customer (or two) today to re-establish that relationship you once had. You might be pleasantly surprised how little effort it takes to bring about a positive result.