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Bill 139 Public Hearings

So the McGuinty government will start its public consultations on Bill 139 this week. I posted my feelings about this bill a few days ago, and I have to admit I am very nervous about the outcome. This Ontario government has not proven itself to have an ounce of common sense when it comes to business.

I was always taught to live within my means ... so just because I wanted a new car, if I couldn't afford it then I didn't get it. If I wanted to eat a steak meal out i might often have made do with a home cooked meal because I couldn't afford it.

The Ontario government seem to approach things a little differently. Perhaps I just don't understand politics ... its all about getting votes. It doesn't really matter whether you are fiscally responsible or not.

This is the government that brought in Family Day. Nice idea. Very popular with workers because another day off work is great, February was a good time to do it ... so lets grab some votes. The estimated cost to Ontario businesses was $2 Billion in lost productivity.

This is the government that brought in mandatory WSIB in the construction industry. Again a great idea that will cost the average contractor an extra $11,000 a year.

Now they are coming after the staffing industry, which generates 300,000 jibs a year in Ontario and something like $4.5 Billion in revenues. This bill will hurt any agency that supplies temporary labour to the point that many (including Eagle) will be forced to walk away from the temp business. It is designed to create jobs ... and it will cost jobs. The people most hurt ... those who need the short term gigs, people new to the work force, new immigrants, people with few skills ... in short, the very vulnerable workers this bill is intended to help.

McGuinty's government will do what it wants ... and if it wants to get votes it will push this bill through. The fallout will not get much press as slowly companies go out of business and jobs are lost. The Liberals will hail their bill as protecting the vulnerable workers ... right, it will protect them so much they won't get a job!

This government is costing business money, adding red tape and ultimately costing all Ontarians jobs. It does not understand the concept of responsible fiscal management and is spending my dollars! I thought it was tough owning and operating a business before ... but when you have to battle through normal competitive pressures, add in a global recession and then your government decides to "put the boot in" things go to a whole new level ... I guess my character is being tested!

I know who I won't be voting for in the future ... the big question is whether there is an alternative or should I just take my business elsewhere.