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Blogging, Staying Positive and Busy Times!

It is not often that I miss blogging on a business day, however I have managed to miss the last couple of business days. I don't have any great excuse other than the volume of work on my plate these days. I have blogged about the need to increase the effort during these economic times, how critical it is to be out meeting clients, understanding their needs and having a finger on the pulse. In the last few weeks I have significantly increased the number of meetings I have been at ... more coffees, breakfasts, lunches and dinners than I am accustomed to ... but a great way to understand what is going on. Needless to say, the pressure builds and other things tend to give a little ... hence missed blog entries.

I am also totally immersed in the issues facing the staffing industry ... right now in Ontario we are under a relentless attack with Bill 139, which in its current form will cause significant damage and cost a lot of jobs. The Liberals in another of their behind closed doors decisions also decided to implement HST ... as if we didn't have enough to contend with. The cost to business of implementing this change will be significant and to many services based industries like the staffing industry there will be serious long term implications. Just to compound our misery, the Federal Government have decided to review the labour code based upon the Arthur's report, which at first read appears to be singing from the same song book as Dalton McGuinty and Minister Fonseca in Ontario. NOBODY seems to understand that we should be focused on fixing a broken economy and that these well meaning, bleeding heart bills will cost Ontarians and ultimately all Canadians jobs! These politicians need to look at FACTS not listen to the heartrending stories of the few people who have had bad experiences ... this industry employs 300,000 people in Ontario and McGuinty's government are going to mess with that! Yes fix the problems, but don't paint us all with a brush that should be aimed at the bad apples!

So ... now I feel the need for a blog about optimism! I am a positive person, despite the challenges of running a business in a tough economy. I liked Colleen Francis's blog today about Getting Rid of Life Suckers from your life. It reminded me a lot about a blog entry I wrote in October last year about Positive Influences. It is a hard thing to do, but if you can spend most of your time with happy and positive people then it will reflect on your mood too ... conversely it is very easy for the naysayers to drag you down! So hang out with positive people!

With the current economy and strange activity by our elected representatives it would be very easy to worry ... but worrying doesn't solve anything. My blog called Don't Worry be Happy, attempts to put things in perspective. YES ... it is important to take action on those things you can affect, but worrying about what MIGHT happen isn't a productive use of your energy. Having said that, for many people it is very hard to remain positive through the tough times ... so my blog entry called Staying Motivated, gives some ideas about how you can do that!

The McGuinty government concerns me and along with my fellow ACSESS members I am doing what I can to educate ministers about the serious damage they are doing to Ontario's economy. They may listen or not ... I can't worry too much about it, all I can do is my best effort on the issue and plan for the future. No matter how bad things seem, tomorrow the sun will rise and opportunity will knock!

Walk fast and smile!