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Eagle's Economic Stimulus Package

Governments around the world are doing it!

It sounds like a funky thing to do ... a "stimulus package"!

I thought that Eagle should do something to try and help.

What did we do?

We have implemented an employee computer purchase program that provides our staff with an interest free loan of up to $1,500 to buy a computer! They will pay us back through payroll deduction over 24 pay periods (one year).

The response has been very positive ... I know that quite a high percentage of our people are considering taking advantage of the program.

It has created a pretty good buzz.

If every company did something like this then there would be a pretty good flow of cash into the economy. Loans are tougher to get right now and the economy is being hurt because people are not spending ... this might just make a small difference.

Its a nice perk for our employees at a time when we are asking them to work just a little harder in a soft economy ... a little give, a little take keeps the emotional bank balance straight!

So my challenge goes out to ALL business owners. What creative things can YOU do to help get the economy going again?