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Good Times, Bad Times and Uncertain Times!

Life is a journey, and during that journey there will be good times and bad times, there will be tough situations and there will be situations that don't work out as bad as you think they might.

When times are tough you will lean on your friends, dig a little deeper into your fortitude and get through it. The world will keep turning, it may take time for things to get back to an even keel ... but it will happen.

When times are good, you need to enjoy them, savour them and build up "credits" for when you might need them. That might mean investing in your friends and relatives, it might mean building up a nest egg in case it is needed, it might mean investing in your health so that you have the strength to tackle anything that might come. It might just mean enjoying the good!

Somehow we know what we need to do when things are bad or things are good ... often uncertainty is a tougher challenge.

When faced with uncertainty I think you need to have a positive strategy, assume the best and don't let yourself worry. Worrying won't help, if things work out well then you will have caused yourself heartache for nothing. If things don't work out so well then you can deal with it when the bad news comes.:

- Assume it will work out OK
- Think through your options
- Develop an action plan
- Execute on it
- Still assume it will work out OK!

What kinds of situations am I talking about, could be anything.

A performance conversation with your boss;
A health discussion with your doctor;
A special meeting with the school principal;
A "heart to heart" with your significant other;
Any discussion where it would be easy to anticipate bad news.

Don't worry about things beyond your control ... focus on those things that you can change!