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Optimism is the Answer!

I have just returned from a week in the Mexican sun ... something I can definitely recommend for anyone who has to endure the long Canadian Winters. It was a lazy week ... lots of sun and sand, too much to eat and drink, read a couple of novels (not business books) and kept my email activity to a minimum (what can I say? I own the company!).

What a trip like that does for me is to remind me of just how lucky I am to be able to afford such a luxury. Sure I work hard, but so do lots of other people who don't get to hit the beach ... so yes I am lucky!

I like to have motivational books and memorabilia in my office and every now and then I will take a few minutes to remind myself of just how lucky I am. One of those books is called Life's Little Instruction Book which has "511 suggestions, observations and reminders on how to live a happy and rewarding life".

You don't NEED to hit the resort beaches to be happy, we can all operate in a way that will give us a multitude of reasons to be happy, and this book hits on some of them.

The book has some very "interesting" entries ... perhaps a reflection of the author?

Don't pick your teeth in public?
Resist the temptation to buy a boat.
Take a nap on Sunday afternoons.

But there are also a lot of entries that I can relate to ... here are just a few.

Be enthusiastic about the success of others.
Answer the phone with enthusiasm and energy in your voice.
Don't rain on other people's parades.
Be courteous to everyone.
Hire people smarter than you.

Then there some that could be personal mantras ...

Share the credit.
Do more than is expected.
Read to your children.
Don't expect money to bring you happiness.

The last entry in the book is interesting ...

Call Your Mother!

I do that regularly, and it brings a smile to both our faces!

Our world is in a mess, there is plenty of negativity out there and yet we are told time and again that it is optimism that will "fix" the system. Once optimism returns then all that money "sitting on the sidelines" will come back into the system and we will return to what may be a "new normal".

It is my belief that in order for us to be optimistic about one area of our lives we need to adopt a general air of optimism ... we ALL need to start being thankful for the little things, and to lead our lives in a way that will generate a lot of those "feel good" moments!