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Give a Little More ... When You Can Least Afford it!!!

The economy is bad ... did you notice?
Unemployment levels are increasing daily!
Companies are cutting salaries, imposing reduced work weeks, removing benefits and generally buckling down to make it through a tough economic time.
We are all a little (lot?) more stressed than we were a year ago!

Can you imagine what it must be like to be asking for money right now?

Charities and non-profits are under even more pressure at times like these ... there is more demand on the food banks, the shelters and all the agencies. Increased stress means more violence in the home, more runaways, more homeless and more battered spouses.

Most if us that still have an income are watching our pennies, maybe cutting back on non-essentials and perhaps foregoing some luxuries. It would be a terrible thing if we cut back on our charitable giving. These organizations NEED our support more than ever and they are a part of our society and we need to dig deep and do what we can to help.

So give a little more; help out that homeless person, buy them a coffee and a donut; give the person in the wheelchair a loonie; drop some food off for the foodbank and give a few extra dollars to your charity of choice.

Remember that under different circumstances it could be us, or even our loved ones, looking for help!