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Is Spring Here?

The weather here in Toronto (and back in Ottawa) was very nice today ... a warm, sunny day which always gets me feeling positive.

Why is that?

Spring is a time of renewal, it is a time when the Winter starts to feel like it is done and gone (although don't tell that to my Calgary friends). The buds are starting to show and that amazing period of growth happens. When I arrived from the UK 27 years ago I was astounded at just how fast things grow in the Spring here, the grass goes from brown to bright green in what seems like an overnight spurt ... the trees bloom and fill out and before you know it everything looks lush.

If only our economy could rebound in the same way ... but I am feeling some confidence that the "Winter of our economic recession" is almost done! Just like the weather, there are signs of recovery and growth .. the markets have pickup up significantly in the last few weeks and we are seeing signs that companies are considering new projects. The orders are coming in and clients are making decisions again.

Maybe if we ALL think positive while we enjoy the warming weather it WILL spill over into the other parts of our life!

Are you ALL listening ... POSITIVE THOUGHTS ONLY!!!!!