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McGuinty Hurting Vulnerable Workers in Ontario

I'm sure everyone that reads this blog is sick and tired of me going on about BILL 139 ... and I apologize for taking so much air time with this. Having said that, this is a hugely important issue and it appears that our provincial government are going to charge ahead despite the pain it will bring.

1. It WILL cost jobs ... and it will be Ontario's most vulnerable workers who will be affected! This legislation increases costs and risk to staffing companies to the point where we will not be able to supply temporary help

(a) for short term engagements;
(b) where we don't know the candidate VERY well ... so that will hurt new grads, new immigrants, new entrants to the workforce, newly laid off people etc.

2. It WILL hurt Ontario productivity. Companies that rely on temporary help to get them through critical periods, high volume periods, special projects etc. will be forced to look at alternatives. McGuinty thinks they will hire full time staff ... NO, they would have done that if it made sense. They will move the work or they will stop doing the work. The work MIGHT move to another province, but it might equally move offshore.

WHY will McGuinty's government not listen? We are asking for two small modifications to the bill that will have a very positive outcome in the real world ... where we operate.

WHY are they rushing the bill through? They held consultations and heard more than 50 presentations, but are going to rush through a vote next week! There has been NO impact analysis done that shows the extent of the damage they will cause ... even in the face of the current economic climate.

I have never been a political animal, I have a business to run and jobs to create. This bill will hurt our industry so badly that I might become "a believer" and devote serious time to supporting candidates who actually care about something other than votes!