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Reasons to be Positive - a Feel-Good Blog Entry!

We all need a lift every now and then ... whether it is the markets, the economy, personal troubles, work troubles or just "the blues" EVERYONE could benefit from a boost!

This is your boost for the day!!!!!!!!!!

One of the first things you should do is to Count Your Blessings! I wrote a blog entry on this subject not that long ago with some suggestions, but basically some time spent on only positive stuff in your life (and there is lots of it) will always make you feel better!

Once you start this positive trend you will be Looking for the Good in Life, another blog entry of mine that references some of Kit Grant's musings. The reality is that we are all capable of deciding our own mood, of determining our own destiny ... take a read.

One of the best ways to feel good is to "hang with" Positive People. Seek them out, stay away from the negative influences in your life and get "infected" by the enthusiasm of the positive people you know.

Now that you are thinking good thoughts, feeling good and have been positively influenced by your positive friends YOU need to be Nice to Everyone! The act of being a NICE person will make you feel better. In fact it fits right in with John Izzo's thoughts about the Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die. One of those secrets is to GIVE, unconditionally and without expectation ... and it WILL make you feel good. Giving can mean time, money or just support ... all of it means something to the receiver, and that is what counts.

I wrote a blog entry about what to do if you are Having a Bad Day ... and really its the same if you are having a bad week, bad month or bad year ... you have to be nice to yourself and do all of the above.

Treat yourself ... take a few minutes and browse through these links, it will give you lots of ideas that can help you shake the blues!