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The Speed of Change

Do you ever think about the pace of change?

Over the last couple of days I have been conversing with (a) an old Navy friend (I LEFT the Navy 30 years ago); (b) an old school friend, from college 30 years ago; (c) siblings, nieces and nephews in England; (d) a friend in Buenos Aires; (e) a friend in Sydney, Australia; (f) a friend in Colorado; (g) I connected to a few old colleagues and (h) communicated with my kids in Toronto in addition to all of the usual business "stuff" around Canada and the US.

My old navy buddy found me through Google and I found my old school buddy the same way. I connected to old colleagues through LinkedIn, communicated with a friend in Argentina through Twitter, organized a family get-together in the UK through Facebook, shared photos around the globe through Flickr and emailed people using my corporate email, my Gmail account and my Hotmail account. All of this in addition to sending my regular message to "the world" through my blog!

My wife recently got an iPhone and I am currently using a Windows PDA. Through these devices we get email wherever we are, manage our calendars, keep track of tasks and all of the contact information for hundreds of people. The iPhone finds the nearest restaurant/coffee shop, acts like a GPS, identifies the names of songs and a whole host of things that are actually surprisingly useful!

In my life I have laptops, desktops and now netbooks that allow me to communicate with the world, gather information from every corner of the globe and even keep me amused. The internet has brought opportunity, change and even destruction, as industries have been transformed ... we could be on the brink of more change as even traditions such as newspapers are threatened.

I have been in the technology world for more than 30 years and ALL of this change has happened in that time. So... just how fast can we go?

I'm hanging on and having a blast, but then again I like to go fast! How are you going to do as we pick up speed?