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So what is all the fuss about Twitter ... seemingly the latest and greatest craze in social networking? Of course Wikipedia has its definition of Twitter. Apparently even Barack Obama is tweeting.

Every second article I have been seeing seems to be about this new service, so I decide to see what it is all about ... so I now Tweet as well as blog! I must be a modern CEO!

This is my second day on twitter so I'm still getting my feet wet ... but starting to get the handle of it. I set up my account and found a few people/services to "follow", and lo and behold some People decided to "follow" me.

The service allows you to get very quick soundbites (up to 140 characters) of information in a timely manner. It allows you to connect to a lot of people quite quickly as you build your network of followers ... providing you have something worth saying. The information gathering is quite interesting for me because of the monthly IT Industry News that I produce ... through Twitter I can collect newsworthy articles quickly and with little fuss.

I can connect to services that will keep me updated on any information that I am interested in ... but like most social networks it can become pervasive, if you let it. So the trick is to understand how much time you are prepared to put into it and manage that. With time i will get a better sense of the ROI.

A friend of mine sent me a link to this Ultimate Guide for Everything Twitter. Of course he sent it via Twitter which is again what a lot of people do ... share links to interesting articles. There is also this Newbies Guide to Twitter from CNet.

It will be very interesting to see how it works over the coming months and perhaps I'll give you an update as I go ... my Twitter name is Kevindee300, if you try it out then "follow" me!