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Do Something Different

Some time ago I wrote a blog entry called Selling which had a very basic message, if you are struggling to meet your numbers AND you are not doing anything different than before then you need to do something different!

I went on to provide a number of suggestions about "different" things that a salesperson could do.

I also pointed out one of (Bob's rules) ...
"Insanity is doing the same thing you've always done and expecting different result".

There are many reasons to "change things up" whether you are in sales or not, in your home life as well as at work.

This week our management team had one of our quarterly planning sessions and to change things up we took a day for strategic thinking, looking forward at where Eagle should be five years from now; we also spent a day on training which was both refreshing and interesting in addition to teaching us all new skills.

I have been in management positions for probably 20 years but I learned some new skills ... AND I recognize that I have lots more to learn. It doesn't matter how much experience you have, how much you know, whether you are a student or professor, young or old, you can always learn new "stuff".

So ... what else could you do differently?

If a one day training course energized me and made me feel good then perhaps I should plan on doing formal training more often?

If my exercise routine is ... routine ... then maybe its time to try something new. Perhaps use a different machine, change up the pace or intensity, take up a new sport or any number of things that will only add to my fitness.

If my evening routine were to sit watching TV for a number of hours maybe I could take up chess or scrabble or bridge, maybe I could read a book or catch up on the world news. All of these "TV alternatives" exercise the brain, which is a good thing!

If my life were boring (and I can tell you it isn't!) then I would need to step back, evaluate what I was doing and look for different things to do.

We only get one chance at this life ... it would be a shame to get to "the end" and have regrets. I'll end with one of my favorite quotes, and it is from the movie Braveheart ...

"Every man dies. Not every man truly lives" ... Mel Gibson