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Investment in Training

Today I spent the day at the 2009 ACSESS conference along with 120 or so of my industry colleagues here in Canada. It would have been an easy decision, with the economy tough and getting tougher, to save a few dollars by missing this conference. However that would be a poor decision ... the energy from a conference like this, the lessons from industry experts and the new ideas shared will be crucial in the coming months.

Our industry, like most industries is experiencing significant change and we need to adapt to those changes. We are experiencing the worst economy in living memory and our wonderful Ontario government under the "leadership" of Premier McGuinty and our Labour Minister Fonseca found a way to hurt our industry with ridiculous legislation. We have increasing global competition and technology being introduced that changes the playing field.

All of this (except unexpected government interference) should be expected in today's hyper-competitive environment. No matter what industry you are in, you need to be adapting to new realities ... the staffing industry is no different.

If you are operating today the same way that you were last year and the year before ... then you are going to be in trouble. The best way to prepare is to invest in learning, to understand industry best practices and to learn from the best.

That is what this conference is all about!

If that isn't enough ... the networking opportunities are extraordinary and the opportunity to build relationships that may lead to partnerships are everywhere.

If you don't invest in training you are falling behind ... invest in yourself and your company or face becoming irrelevant. There is no better investment in training than an industry conference.

One final thought ... in addition to all of the above you are supporting your industry!