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Its a Great Time to Revisit (or set) Your Goals for 2009

I have written many blog entries over the last three years about the importance of setting goals … which was actually a lesson I learned late!

There are many reasons to set goals but the best reason I have learned is that it gives you something to aim for … the reaching of a goal is yet another win, but the mere fact that you set a goal and have a plan to get there puts you ahead of most of the population!

This year has without doubt been one of the most challenging times in my business career. The recession creates a very tough environment in which to run a business and so, it is also a time when reaching goals will be difficult.

Having said all this if we are not careful then NOT reaching a goal can actually be a de-motivator! So … given that these are goals we set for ourselves and a standard that only we know about, means that we can reset goals when it makes sense … that would be NOW!

So … if you set yourself some goals for 2009 now would be a good time to revisit them, perhaps to reset them or maybe to just set some totally new goals.

Almost three years ago I wrote an entry about how Goals were a Way to take Charge of Your Life and provided a “quick and dirty” way to get started with setting goals.

At the end of that year I provided a little more in depth way to look at some goals and to get yourself started … it was designed to be a 2006 Wrap-up and Planning for 2007. Certainly the principles all apply today.

Whether you are a business owner struggling through this economy (with no help from our Ontario Government …did I mention them before?), or someone looking to advance a career, someone who has lost their job or a student starting out on your career … set some goals.

As a wise man once said … if you don’t have a goal, how will you know when you get there?