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Time With Politicians ... Well Spent or Not?

I have been running my own company for twelve years. Eagle has achieved some success, won a few awards and we have received some very favourable press.

When I first started the business my total focus was on the internal operation of the company, fighting the daily fires and developing strategies for growth.

As we got a little bigger we grew our management team and other people (certainly more capable) took responsibility for the day to day operations, and my focus shifted. My time was spent more on external activities and relationships, and lots of time spent on developing the strategies to take the company through several stages of growth.

We have worked hard to grow a solid business with good people, good processes and good technology all focused on a strategic direction that makes sense.

So ... is that enough?

It appears that it is not enough, because it appears that various levels of government have the ability to change our world for us! Bill 139 in Ontario is proof positive that sometimes governments don't listen ... and will enact legislation that is bad for business. McGuinty's government seems to be very prone to this kind of action ... the extra "Family Day" holiday that costs about $2 billion in productivity to Ontario companies each year and the recently announced HST which is going to be a disaster for Ontario are two more examples that this provincial government is out of control.

As a businessman that is scary! (As a tax payer its scary too!)

So ... back to my hypothesis. I need to find time to educate people about our industry, about its value proposition and the part it plays in providing employment to 600,000 Canadians a year.

All business owners need to find time to let their elected "leaders" know what they do, and the importance of what they do.

I need to develop a plan ....

What are the messages I want to deliver?
What levels of government are important to me?
Who are the people I need to meet?
How many can I meet each month ... how much time can I devote to this activity?

Are you going to develop a plan? If not then your industry might be the next one to get "creamed" by McGuinty and people like him.