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Freeloaders in Canada's Staffing Industry

Have you noticed that in almost any group, or organization, it is a small percentage of the people who do the heavy lifting?

There are times when that small group are a clique that "hold power" and won't let others into their club ... that can be annoying.

What is much more common however is when those not participating are freeloading! My biggest beef in this area is with the industry association. I have written on this subject many times ... I've written about the importance of industry associations and I have exhorted ALL companies to not JUST be members of their association (a basic minimum) but to be active, to donate time energy and ideas. This is how industries become strong, defend themselves from external dangers and build good communication amongst their members. It s also how companies grow and become good corporate citizens.

I recently finished my time as a board member at ACSESS, Canada's staffing industry association. I spent nine (9) years on the board and was President for one year ... which is almost like a second full-time job! I have devoted countless hours in this capacity and even upon leaving the board (due to rules around tenure), I have accepted the challenge of chairing the association's PR committee, no small commitment.

The association is extremely lucky in some respects, in that there are a core group of people who give selflessly in support of the organization and many of the larger more established companies are very supportive.

There are however notable exceptions! I am very tempted to name names ... but I will refrain, but while most of the larger staffing companies in Canada are active there are those who do nothing ... they are not even members! Which I think is shameful! There are others who pay dues, but donate no time of their executive and bring no value other than a very inexpensive membership payment! Again there is NO excuse for that.

Every staffing company in Canada benefits from the work of our association. I would LOVE to publish a list of companies that are not members! Why would any client want to work with companies like that? They are proven TAKERS. If they will TAKE from their own association is their any doubt they will take every opportunity to take from their clients? If their ethics allow them to TAKE and not give back to the association, what else will those ethics allow?

I have written nice articles about why people should join the association ... I don't have patience for these FREELOADERS any more.

You know who you are ...

  • Its time to GET some integrity instead of TALKING about it!

  • Its time to accept some ACCOUNTABILITY as members of this profession.

  • You do NOT want your clients to know you are FREELOADERS. In addition to the reflection on your ethics, your clients benefit from the work our association does too ... YOU should be contributing.

Enough said ... just do it!