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One of THOSE Days!

Sometimes you go about your business and at some point in the day you wonder why you got out of bed! I have noticed that in the last few months there have been a lot of people having THOSE kind of days ... and despite my very optimistic nature, I have had a few myself! Here in Ontario, like many places, there has been a string of bad news ... layoffs, bankruptcies, government scandals and even bad weather (which is really bad when you have to endure the Winters that we have!) People let the stress build up and it can definitely have an affect ... so it is EXTRA important to be nice to yourself and to those around you! Seek out those positive people who make you feel good ... and don't forget they need a boost sometimes too! Take a few minutes to count your blessing and NOT focus on the negatives. Remember that when the tough times end you will be a stronger person/company for working through it! Apologies if you find this blog entry a little "preachy" ... but EVERYONE has one of THOSE days sometime or other! WALK FAST AND SMILE!