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Things Could be MUCH Worse!

The recession continues ... economists waver about when we will see recovery. Will it be the Fall or will it be 2010? Will it be a strong recovery or a long slow recovery? What will happen with inflation? What will happen to employment? What about pensions?

We have a developed a culture that requires "things" to make us feel successful ... bigger houses, bigger TVs, more powerful cars etc. When our income drops those things suffer and we worry ... will we have a job, will we be able to pay all the bills, will we ever get to retire in the style we had planned?

Sometimes we have to re-set ... we need a different yardstick by which to measure things.

This weekend. like most weekends, I chatted with Eugene in the market here in Ottawa. Eugene was having a bad day ... and, politically correct or not, I was reminded about just how lucky I am to have full mobility and the ability to earn a living. Eugene fell off a roof a number of years ago and is a quadriplegic. He is having pain and trouble sleeping, which is getting him down. His rent is going up and his "income" is not ... this is a guy who cannot even feed himself.

Can you imagine?

Over the last week or so we have seen images from Iran of the election, the rioting aftermath and some of the atrocities committed. A quick visit to Youtube will provide gruesome images ... from a society where the people are demanding "more".

Can you imagine?

I was out at meetings around the city today and walked past numerous homeless people sitting begging for money on a hot, humid sunny Ottawa afternoon with temperatures in the 30 Centigrade range.

Can you imagine?

Tonight I will put in a long day at the office, probably leave around 6:30pm and go have a glass of wine on a patio. The economy is tough, the clients are demanding, the competition is fierce and there is not a lot to go around ... but we are doing OK.

What is more important ... I have my health, I have family and friends and i have my independence. I live in a free society where we can choose our political parties, enjoy freedom of speech and where we are all equal.

NOW I can imagine ... and its pretty good stuff!